I’m 57, born and raised in Paris, I currently live in Miami.

I got into photography when the mid-life crisis came knocking at my door. And I’m so grateful that it did. I dove right into it and haven’t stopped taking pictures since. I became passionate about street photography. Most of my work is about catching the "decisive moment” at impromptu settings. This 1/100th of a second that could vanish in time but will remain alive for posterity by the click of a button truly fascinates me. What sets a street shot apart from another photograph is mostly sharing an emotion or hidden aesthetic, showing a fraction of a second of reality and letting the viewers perceive it their way, guess the context or imagine a different story.

I know how to adapt my street photo skills to every commercial shooting I get hired for, leaving more room for spontaneity, authenticity, instinctive poses and natural light whenever possible, for creating genuine images that reflect realness and can enrich brands identity and trustworthiness with their audience.