Which passing seconds deserve eternity?

Besides the lucky few who became aware of having this gift early in life and will eventually put it to use, I believe that everybody is able to spontaneously see and catch the moment, possesses the natural skills to prolonge this brief instant's life, to immortalize this fraction of a second meant to vanish, to see the right light and ideal shadows, to pinpoint hidden aesthetic, to share an emotion, to tell or imply a story, or to show someone else’s reality. But not everyone decides to use this third sleeping eye, this biological lens that can freeze time and reveal beautiful details in ordinary surroundings.


When I humbly noticed that I, too, possess this skill, I figured that  it was time to thank my advertising and fashion career for everything it taught me and start a new adventure, exploring different fields of photography including fine art and commercial work. 


I equally enjoy both the chance to share my own vision through street photography and adapting my discipline to a brand’s image needs too. On some days, I like to unleash my photographer’s eye, and on others, I take pleasure in marrying creativity’s freedom to strict instructions to successfully exceed my customers’ expectations.


Born and raised in Paris, I currently reside in Miami.

Bruno Zerdoun

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